Braun Strowman attacks Brock Lesnar on WWE RAW

Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman has made the most of his impressive display at SummerSlam by getting Brock Lesnar one-on-one for the Universal Championship.

As you can see in the video above, Strowman attacked Lesnar at the start of RAW after he dominated the champion during the Fatal 4-way match on Sunday night.

Lesnar got away with a win at SummerSlam but was again bettered by his physical rival on Monday night, which was enough to see Strowman get a title shot at No Mercy next month.

In John Cena’s first Raw match in more than a year, The Cenation Leader teams with Roman Reigns against Samoa Joe and The Miz.

John Cena is back on RAW after more than a year away.

The 16-time World Champion came to the ring and it looked as though a match between Roman Reigns was in the offing before The Miz and Samoa Joe interrupted.

That led to a tag match with Cena and Reigns teaming up, much to the displeasure of the Brooklyn crowd who booed the pair out of the arena when they beat Miz and Joe.

The mini-Shield reunion continues to be a success after Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose knocked off The Hardy Boyz.

In an impromptu dream match, the Raw Tag Team Champions battle one of the most innovative tandems in sports entertainment history.

Just 24 hours after winning the Tag Team Championships against Sheamus & Cesaro, the pair were put into a match against the most successful team on the roster.

The Hardyz came close but Ambrose eventually hit Jeff with a Dirty Deeds to pick up the win.