WWE RAW: Roman Reigns downs Seth Rollins


Roman Reigns has made a huge statement going into Extreme Rules by beating former Shield team-mate Seth Rollins in the main event of RAW.

Reigns and Rollins traded blows in a back and forth encounter before Reigns eventually hit a spear to gain a crucial victory going into Sunday’s ‘Fatal 5-way’ match for the chance to become the No 1 contender for the Universal Championship.

He won a triple threat match against the other two men in Sunday’s match, Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt.
Samoa Joe’s high impact style certainly left an impression on Finn Balor
Balor was the standout performer putting his body on the line with his high-flying style.

He hit Wyatt with the ‘Coup de Gras’ finishing move from the top rope only for Joe to throw Balor into the ring post and pin Wyatt himself.
Alexa Bliss, with a kendo stick in hand, once again got the better of Bayley
Alexa Bliss continues to get under the skin of Bayley, the challenger to her RAW Women’s Championship.

In an homage to Mankind and The Rock, Bliss staged ‘This is your Life’ to Bayley, calling out her former primary school teacher, childhood friend and first boyfriend.

Bayley eventually snapped and brawled with the champion in the ring but Bliss again came out on top, smashing a kendo stick into the back of her foe in a preview to Sunday’s match at Extreme Rules.

Austin Aries made a huge statement going into his submission match for the Cruiserweight Championship at Extreme Rules

Newcastle’s own Neville suffered a huge blow ahead of his submission match on Monday against Austin Aries with his Cruiserweight Championship on the line.

The Brit tapped out to Aries’ ‘Last Chancery’ hold during a tag match with TJP and Jack Gallagher. If he does that on Sunday he’ll lose the title.